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Crane Industrial offers

  • Crane rental up to 275 tons
  • Structural steel erection
  • Pre-engineered building installation
  • Ornamental steel and rails
  • Machinery moving and transporting

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What Our Clients Think

  • I would like to convey to you my appreciation and respect for how you run your organization. It is not easy to successfully navigate the construction services industry. The fact that you all have earned, maintained, and strengthened your principled reputation over your many years of service to your community is a great testament to both your business strategy and to your personal character and commitment to providing top-notch experiences and results for your employees and for your clients. You have much to be proud of!
    Dan Garnett
    Hilti North America
  • I have had an excellent working partnership with Crane Industrial Service for over 25 years. Terry and Jerry have always taken care of our heavy lifting and transportation needs with the highest levels of professionalism and attention to detail.  Their operators are the best in the business, working courteously, efficiently and safely on every job.  And their equipment is consistently well maintained, reflecting the pride they have in their company.  They are especially sensitive to short notice and emergency jobs that come with our type of business.  I would recommend Crane Industrial Service to anyone... without reservation.
    Ross Trimboli
    Mishawaka Utilities – Electric Division
  • On behalf of Charles Hayes, Inc. we would like to thank you and your company for its timeliness covering the moving of the building from highway 23 to Nimtz Parkway. Your people were there exactly when they said they would be. In addition, we were very impressed with how your team knew exactly what needed to be done and completed in an efficient way with everyone’s participation. It was a pleasure working with your team: Tim, Bob and Tim J. Thank you for a job done exceptionally well.
    Alfred Hayes
    Charles Hayes, Inc.
  • Your company did a great job and we enjoyed the professional way it was done and hope to work with your company in the near future.
    Eric Brown
    Brown & Brown
  • Your company did a great job and we enjoyed the professional way it was done and hope to work with your company in the near future.
    Don Murdock
    EFP Corporation
  • Thank you very much for responding at the last minute on the customer’s late planning emergency. Also please pass along the professional work ethic that you have instilled in all your employees that I have worked with in the last 21 yrs. This recognition is long overdue. Crane Industrial has always been there when we have needed them and it never goes unrecognized. Thanks again.
    Mark A. Navarre
  • The new University of Notre Dame Morris Inn has been open for clients now for just over two months. Unbelievable how quickly the project was constructed and put in use by the owner, as we were just discussing final bid values at this same time last year. This project was a great success and you were definitely an integral part of us getting to where we needed to be along the way. I have been involved in many large and overly aggressive schedules in the past, but I have to say, this was one that would be set close to the top, as the level of performance expectation would not allow for many errors to meet the goals established. We needed to build a strong team to accomplish these goals, which CISCO (Jerry, Terry, Kelvin, JR and crew) was a major team player and achieved challenges that were dealt. Thank you for your excellent performance at the University of Notre Dame Morris Inn project!
    James Nagle
    Gibson-Lewis, LLC
  • Thank you very much for being so conscientious and taking precautionary measures so no to do any damage to our shed. The men you sent to do the job did a great job for us and we would recommend your company to anyone looking for your kind of services. Included is a check for the total bill and thank you again for a job well done.
    Richard & Tana Needham
  • Few times in my career have I felt compelled to write a letter acknowledging the work of a single company and the teamwork provided by individuals leading that company that directly led to the successful completion of a structure. Crane Industrial Service Co. (CISCO) provided that teamwork during the construction of the Ray & Joan Kroc Corps Community Center of St. Joseph County. Of specific note is the leadership and effort provided by you, Kelvin Minix and CISCO’s team of ironworkers on this project. Even with the severe weather and multiple other challenges, CISCO went above and beyond what is typically seen on commercial construction projects. On this project, your company served as a model of how the teamwork between the steel erector and the fabricator, designer, adjacent trades and the general contractor can directly translate into production, positive morale and a willingness to work together among all the trades. On behalf of Turner Construction Company, we thank you for your company’s effort, diligence, and teamwork displayed on this project. We will be nominating Crane Industrial Service Company as Subcontractor of the Year for Indiana.
    Andrew Wishart
    Turner Construction Company
  • Our most sincere thanks to you for removing the multiple tree trunks from our property today. It was a huge help to us to have them taken away, and we greatly appreciate you, your employee, and your equipment for the help.
    Pastor Ken Peterson
    The Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd
  • The purpose of this letter is to express my appreciation for the accomplishments of your company during the construction of the Spray Granulation Pilot Unit and Semi-Works. This project was of a dynamic nature, often requiring a shift of effort due to a change in the scope of work. Crane Industrial Service Co., Inc. was able to adjust to these changes in an efficient manner. As Construction Manager for this project, I am appreciative of the assistance your company provided. The successful completion of this project could not have occurred without the extraordinary efforts of you and your skilled employees. Thank you again.
    Derek M. MacFarland
    Miles, Inc.
  • We appreciate so very much the use of your equipment and the operator’s time in helping with our roof shingles. God Bless all of you,
    Pastor Terry Hansen
    Apostolic Faith Temple
  • Dear Sir, The erection of the artwork at Notre Dame, Thursday last by your crew was done very professionally. Dave, Bob and the crane operator are about the best I have worked with. Thank you for providing such a superb crew.
    Larry Balok
    Notre Dame
  • They say that first impressions are lasting impressions. Years ago, as a first year Pipefitters Apprentice, I had my initial experience working with CISCO. I look back on that with memories of well-maintained, sharp looking equipment, manned by highly competent, no-nonsense Operators. Real professionals. Throughout the past fifteen years, I have taken part in many lifts with CISCO, and each and every one was a flawless operation. Speaking strictly from the viewpoint of a Pipefitter, it is a real comfort to be able to place complete trust in the Operator and his equipment. The high regard that I hold for you and your men is shared by my union brethren throughout Local #172. From a management standpoint, I could not be more pleased with such excellent service, while still providing us competitive rates. The hoisting operations at the City of New Carlisle Water Works-I/N Tec Facility 06/18/97, once again met the high expectations that I have become accustomed to when working with Crane Industrial Service Co.. I have to be quite honest with you Terry; I did not seek quotes from anyone else for that lift. Big, expensive tank that I did not want to buy, because someone made a mistake. I called upon CISCO, because you have earned my confidence and trust many times over through the years. I knew that you would get the job done as quickly as possible, while still keeping the safety of personnel and equipment as your highest priority.
    Michael J. Duff
    Slutsky-Peltz Plumbing & Heating Co. Inc.
  • On behalf of AM General Corporation, I would like to thank you and your staff for providing outstanding service during our recent shutdown period. During our July shutdown many different facility improvement projects must be completed in a limited time frame. This requires cooperation and coordination between the maintenance staff, production staff, contractors, and suppliers. It also requires a great deal of preparation and planning prior to shutdown. The quality of your work and the efficiency with which it was completed enabled us to complete all scheduled projects and successfully return to full production on July 19th. As AM General continues to grow we hope that Crane Industrial will grow with us. We value the business relationship we have built with you and look forward to many more successful years to come. Again, thank you for your hard work and cooperation.
    Kurt Drufke
    AM General Corporation
  • Over the course of the past few weeks, I have continually heard from both Mortenson/Tonn and Blank staff and from others involved in building our new Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka, of the terrific job you and your team have done in erecting the steel at the job site. They are extremely complimentary of the expertise that you and your team bring to the job, as well as the commitment you have personally had by being on the job working side-by-side with the team. Too often we only hear what is not going right on a job, I want you and your team to know how much we at Saint Joseph appreciate all that you have done to keep this job on schedule, as well as keeping it safe. We are so proud to have a local contractor like CRANE Industrial SERVICE CO., INC. participate in this project. We look forward to the topping-out ceremony scheduled for October. Thank you again for all you do for Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center.
    Lori J. Skora
    Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center
  • We are writing this letter to inform you of the excellent work that has been completed at the Meijer Store #121 (J921172121) by your company. One of the major contributing factors to this success was the performance of your steel erectors, Crane Industrial. Not only did they successfully organize their crews to perform at the high-test level, but they were also a positive role model. We were very impressed by their hard-working dedication and desire to make sure their job was being completed correctly and in a timely manner. Overall, we have been so satisfied with Crane Industrial’s outstanding performance that neither of us would consider doing another job without them. In fact, on the next Meijer job when Allstate is awarded the Structural steel/joist/Deck contract we will specifically request Crane Industrial to be the steel erectors.
    Don M. Bird